Performance Standardbreds was established in 1990 by a few Standardbred enthusiasts who realized the animal’s enormous potential use for riding or driving.

As an organization our focus is and always has been to support and promote the Standardbred horse and those that are lucky enough to own them.   

The Standardbred is one of the most versatile breeds by far.

Did you know that by age three, there are many already starting their second careers? Throughout their early years, the foundation was established and now it’s onwards and upwards for these athletic, sturdy, sensible, beautiful horses who’s hearts are (virtually) bigger than their bodies. Standardbreds participate in jumping, dressage, endurance and competitive trail, just to name a few – there really is no limit to what you or they can accomplish together. 

Performance Standardbreds promotes the breed in a new and positive light. Recognizing the potential and the need to give these horses, that are no longer able to race, new careers.

Meet the Horses

For anyone inquiring on some horses in our programs that are available and ready for their next career

Placement Program

An integral part of what we do, helping connect the dots for horses in need.

Referral Horses

These are courtesy postings for Standardbreds that have not been assessed by us. We help facilitate a network to connect potential homes for these horses. If you would like to be added to a wait list, please contact us!